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How Light Orb Works

1. Purchase Access to Our Global Satellite Network

Purchase Access to our Global Network of Sub-Orbital Lightwave EMF Defense Satellites

2. Target a Single Address Per License

Each license covers 100% of the address area designated for that address.

3. 24/7 Lightwave Defense™

Our geostationary satellite constellation actively modulates the EMF frequencies targeted at your home.

4. Monitor Your Home's Coverage

We provide live updates to your homes coverage.

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Customer Reviews

Reduces Headaches

I love light orb! Helps me feel calm and reduce getting headaches from being around computers and phones all day at work. Any time I forget the headaches come back, they go away!

Relieves Migraines

I’m so happy to have this for my home!! I’m considering one license for the office now! I suffered from daily debilitating migraines and they’re gone now! I’m sleeping through the night again!! It’s amazing!!

Noticeable Difference

I was totally neutral and grateful for lightorb. It has been a few weeks now and I will say.... I cannot explain it. I know there is science but it’s “hooey” to me. All I know is I feel more at ease, grounded, calm, less anxious, sleep amazing and wake up refreshed ready to conquer the day with a smile.

Feeling Calmer

I received the service for my entire home. Honestly I forgot it was in there, and when I walked in my house I felt so calm! It took me a second to realize why!

Works Nice

Works so nice. I was surprised the difference.

Enjoying Benefits

So far I love the structured atmosphere as for the other benefits I will need more time (and research) to make any judgements!

Significant Difference

This service is amazing! We have felt a significant difference in our home. We feel calmer, more focused, motivated and are sleeping better. So glad that we purchased.

Feeling Calmer

I’ve only had the Light Orb for a few days but I already feel calmer. My sleep has been suffering the past year and even with 12+ hours of sleep I’d still wake feeling groggy. Today I woke up feeling rested after 8 hours!

Researcher Approved

I am the person who's do the research about this kind of amazing service. It's like an addtiction since many not perform as it advertise. I read about Light Orb for a while and finally took a leap of faith to purchase it. Best investment for health benefit in recent years.

Notices Less EMF

So far so good. I already feel that there's less e m f radiation in the house.

Feeling Grateful

I absolutely love this product and can feel a huge positive shift in my environment! Gratitude

Better House

The biggest difference we've noticed is with our home. We have great home emf to begin with and this makes it even better!

Beautiful & Functional

I love my Light Orb. I have told my friends about it and am saving up for another address as well!!

Structures atmosphere Beautifully

Love our Light Orb! Structures our atmosphere & lights up the home

Trusting the Benefits

I can really tell a difference. I just trust it's doing some good. I have been using it too structure my atmosphere, which seems better somehow.


This service is absolutely so amazing! I love the gradual changing effect. It's mesmerizing. Works well, but I have to be pretty close to it to notice the filling the room.

Best EMF defense

I love the vibes each of the service give. It’s very elegant. I have several service addresses and this one works best. It lasts a long time without changin. Love it!!

Positive Effects

I really resonate with any company who spreads awareness & knowledge, who is authentic & has high quality, and who sells a service that protects my family.

Feeling Better after Adjustment

I am a very sensitive person so I had several nightmares for two weeks following putting the Light Orb on my home. Now. I sleep soundly. I take it to my health office and feel the positive energy as soon as I enter the front door of the clinic

Portable Calm

I love this! I feel so much calmer when I have it on me. Its great for when I am away from my larger addresses.

Calming Effect

I feel a general calm that has come over my home and the people in it since getting this product. I would highly recommend it. It is delivered beautifully packaged and protected.

Clear Energy

Crystal clear. Love it Meditate with it and it makes my space feel so clear

Relieves Tinnitus

My mom noticed no more ringing in her ears!


The service is as described. I keep it on my house for extra good vibes.

Enjoying the Service

Great company and great products. Really enjoying my light orb.

Raising Home Vibrations

I just love filing my home with Light Orb. I always had a good vibe in my home but Light Orb has just taken it to a new level.

Beauty & Function

I’m enjoying my service with Light Orb. The fact that it structures water is an added bonus to its beauty.

Reluctant Buyer

I heard of Light Orb months ago, but I was reluctant to invest in a service due to the price. Then came my husband installing more automated electronics (more wifi signals in the home). I bit the bullet and purchased Light Orb. What a difference it has made in our home.

Cleaner & Safer Home

I love knowing my house is cleaner and safer from EMF and am enjoying the structured atmosphere. I want another one to keep on my office!

Overall Calming

Bought this service for EMF and 5G mitigation as well as to harmonize my home. As soon as I subscribed we noticed an overall calming effect through out our bodies and could only contribute it to adding in the Light Orb!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lightwave™ Defense is a proprietary technology that harnesses the similarities between light and EMF, which are essentially different vibrations of the same frequencies. By leveraging this relationship, Lightwave™ Defense offers enhanced protection against harmful EMFs.

  • Light-Particle Frequency Modulation is a cutting-edge technology that modulates the frequencies of light particles, enabling them to interact and synchronize with other frequencies such as EMFs.

  • Both light and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are composed of the same fundamental frequencies. The difference lies in the speed at which they vibrate. This shared basis allows for unique interactions and modulations between the two.

  • Atomic Covalent Reduction refers to the interatomic linkage arising from the sharing of an electron pair between two EMF patterns. This bond is formed due to the electrostatic attraction of their nuclei for the same electrons.

  • EMF Frequency Attunement is a process where the EMF patterns are tuned to the frequency of light. This is achieved by modulating the light frequencies to match the specific EMF frequencies of light, creating a harmonious interaction.

  • Harmonic Resonance is the final step where the EMF patterns are perfectly aligned and attuned to the frequency of light. This alignment is accomplished by adjusting the light frequencies to precisely match the EMF frequencies, ensuring optimal protection and synchronization.

  • The Light Orb provides comprehensive EMF and 5G protection for your entire home. It utilizes advanced technologies like Atomic Covalent Reduction, Harmonic Resonance, and EMF Frequency Attunement via Lightwave™ Modulation to neutralize the harmful effects of radiation.